10 Fun and Interesting Cat Related Facts

We asked ourselves, what are the most interesting facts about cats?   We did a few days of research and found 10 fun and interesting facts that we believe is worth sharing.   Some might surprise you, some might entertain you, and some will help you get a better understanding of your cat.

1. Where can you find hundreds of feral cats at a very happy place?

Where else but the happiest place on earth – Disneyland!  According to Disneyland Cats, there is an estimated 200 feral cats roaming around Disneyland.   They have been spade or neutered and work to control the pest population.  The irony is that a place famous for Mickey and Minnie needs cats to control the mouse population.  Luckily for those kitties, Disney has setup feeding stations around the park in case they have trouble catching their next meal.  The cats usually come out at night when the park is empty, but you can spot a few during the day.

2. Between cats and dogs, which one represents the highest number as pets?

Most people would say dogs, since you see them outside most often.  However, according to the nonprofit American Pet Products Association, there are 89.7 million dogs and 94.2 million cats as pets.  That is 4.5 million more cats as pets than dogs.  Moreover, a cat owning household has 2 cats on average.  The US cat pet population is greater than the human population of many countries such as Germany, Thailand, UK, and France to name a few.  If you get the feeling that cats are slowly taking over the world, you might be on to something.

3. Did you ever talk to your cat, and questioned your sanity just a little bit?

Although you get mostly meows as responses, your sanity is fully intact.  It is perfectly normal for you to talk to your cat.  According to the book “Planet Cat: A Cat-Alog”, “[c]ats do receive information from your conversation: praise, comfort, and a sense of security.”  So the more you talk to your cat, the more they respond back to you.  Moreover, your secrets are safe with your cat!

4. Have you ever wondered where your cat descended from?

Your lovable furry feline friend came from a wild ancestor that still lives in the wild today. According to the research report “The Near Eastern Origin of Cat Domestication”, the ancestor of our domestic cat is the African Wildcat which is also called the Near Eastern Wildcat.  These wildcats can be found throughout most of Africa, southwest Asia, central Asia, and much of Europe.  They prefer to hunt at night and their diet consists of mainly rodents.  If your cat likes being awake at night, then you know where they got it from.

5. Your cat refuses to eat the food you provide them. What could possibly be wrong? 

One reason might be the temperature of the food.  According to the book “Outwitting Cats”, cats prefer warm food to help them smell whether the food is fresh or not.  The ideal temperature would simulate freshly killed prey at 95 degrees Fahrenheit.  Next time, if your cat is not eating your food, try warming it up.

6. Who is the wealthiest cat?

We are not talking about fat cats here, but a real feline.  According to the Guinness Book of Records, the wealthiest cat is named Blackie.  Who enjoys the inherited wealth of his deceased owner Ben Rea.  Ben was a millionaire antiques dealer who bequeathed his 12.5 million dollar fortune to Blackie after his passing.  This is one cat that is going to live the good life.

7. Can a cat run for mayor?

The answer is a surprising yes!  In the city of Xalapa Mexico, a cat named Morris ran for mayor.   Morris promised to rid the city of its corrupt political rats.  The popularity of his promise helped him gain 12,000 votes in the election.  However, Morris didn’t win the election.  But, he did expose a segment of the population that wanted change from the status quo.

8. Do you like to drink coffee and play with cats?

Now you can at a cat café.  But, where was the first cat café that opened?  In 1998, the first cat café opened in Taipei, Taiwan.   The café was named “Cat Flower Garden” which became a very popular tourist destination.  These cafés are now spreading across the world.  Cat-purr-chino anyone?

9. We all know that cats sleep a lot. But do they dream during sleep? 

Not only do cats dream, but animals dream.  According to Matthew Wilson of MIT's Center for Learning and Memory, animals have complex dreams.  The study captured the rats’ brain activity while they run along a circular track for a food reward to see if the same brain activity pattern exists if they were asleep.  After looking at 40 rapid eye movement sleep (REM) episodes, about half repeated the same brain activity pattern.  So Animals do dream about things they experienced during the day.

10. Have you ever wondered why your cat’s fur is nice and dry even on a hot sunny day?

Do they even sweat?  Unlike humans, cats have sweat glands under their foot pads.  So they sweat under their feet.  This helps them leave their scent and mark their territory when scratching on surfaces.  If you ever see wet paw prints on the floor on a hot day, then your cat is most likely sweating.

Did you find these facts interesting?  Was there a particular fact that resonated with you?  Let us know by leaving a comment below.  We love to hear from you.

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