Celebrities and their Cats

It should come as no surprise that many of your favorite stars are cat lovers. Look through their Instagram and you may get a glimpse of them together. Whether they are the epitome of luxury like Karl Lagerfeld or animal rights activists like Ricky Gervais, celebrities can’t get enough of their cats. Let’s take a look at a few celebrities and their lovable feline friends.

Karl Lagerfeld

If you know the fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, you’ve probably heard of his cat Choupette. Choupette’s first brush with fame was when she found out she could have a Twitter account. She quickly became a one-name celebrity like Cher. As of today, she has 51K followers on Twitter, and a whopping 90K on Instagram. When following Choupette, it is interesting to note how closely her tastes in fashion align with the choices of Lagerfield. They are almost one in the same, particularly when it comes to Chanel items. 

Choupette’s lavish lifestyle is often chronicled in her Twitter and Instagram posts. The fact that she has two maids and a bodyguard seems a little over the top, but consider this - Choupette earned in excess of $3M in 2014 alone. (She refuses to release recent financial figures). However, it seems she can afford as many members in her entourage as she wants, and indulge in as many excesses as she pleases. For instance, the designer carry-alls she uses for any kind of travel. On planes, she is not required to travel in a carrier beneath Karl’s first class seat.  She is right up there enjoying the view from the window. 

Choupette came courtesy of Karl’s friend Baptiste Giabiconi who decided to take a trip to Europe and needed a cat sitter. Lagerfield volunteered, and promptly fell in love with the white, fluffy, demanding Birman cat. When Giabiconi returned and saw the strong bond between Choupette and Lagerfield, he gave Choupette to Lagerfield as a Christmas gift. One last tidbit to mention, as recently as 2017, Karl was quoted as saying he would marry Choupette if it was legal. He really loves that cat.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift seems like a nice, normal girl. She has two cats and doesn’t want to marry them. Taylor’s cats are Scottish Fold cats – meaning their cute little ears are folded over. Her cats are named after fictional characters on the TV shows Law & Order and Grey's Anatomy - Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey.  Taylor’s cats have already made their Hollywood debut in a cameo appearance in Deadpool 2. In the movie, Ryan Reynolds wore a shirt with a picture of the two cats.  We can only imagine how proud Olivia and Meredith felt.

Olivia Benson and Meredith Gray’s days are filled with sitting up like a human, almost on their tails, and showing their big furry bellies poking out. Scottish Folds like to stand on their hind legs and reach for treats, or whatever you might be eating. Meredith and Olivia are no different. Instead of jetting off to Paris for the latest runway show, they might be chewing on Taylor’s awards when she doesn’t keep them behind glass doors. 

Taylor has included her two buds in her merchandising. If you like cats and you like Taylor Swift, it’s the best of both worlds. From home furnishings to jewelry, you can enjoy Taylor’s cats in your very own home.

Miley Cyrus

Taylor’s cats would definitely get some Instagram competition from Miley Cyrus’ cats. Miley has a total of 17 pets – cats, dogs, fish and even a pig. But the three cats are what we are interested in. Two of Miley’s cats were adopted together: Keke and Lilo. They look like gray Maine Coon cats and look like each other even though they are not from the same litter. Her third cat is a big white beautiful bundle of fur called Santi Om Bb (she likes to give her cats funny names). For fun, Miley dresses her cats in costumes and posts videos of the cats keeping her company in the bathroom as she dances around. 

Martha Stewart

Another cat lover is the eternally famous Martha Stewart. The things she does for her cats are incredible. Her cats are named Bartok, Empress Tang, and her sister Princess Peony (these two cats are calico Persians). In 2012, she introduced two new kittens Ch’in (named after a Chinese emperor) and Kublai Khan (named after a grandson of Genghis Khan). Their feeding routine is similar to a gourmet spectacle.  She has a bowl for each of her cats. Each bowl has three scoops in it, and each scoop is a different wet food. Then there is a separate bowl for dry food, and another for water.

Bartok is Martha’s oldest cat and is a gorgeous sealpoint Himalayan. Along with the others, Bartok runs in and out of the Stewart home at will. Stewart lives on a farm so she doesn’t have to worry about her cats running into traffic. Mozart and Beethoven are two more of Martha’s Himalayans. She has had up to eight cats at a time including Verdi and Vivaldi. Martha calls the animals her inner self and feels she can tell them anything that’s on her mind.

Fun fact: there is a photo of Martha nibbling on a new cat’s face to show she is the cat’s new mom.  In nature, mother cats often lick and nibble at their young when grooming as a way to show affection. 

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman is not a celebrity that we would expect to be madly in love with her cats – yet she is.  Nicole had two films premiering at the Telluride Film Festival (Destroyer and Boy Erased) in September 2018 in Colorado. When she arrived at the venue, eyebrows were raised when people found out that her guests not only included her family of husband Keith Urban and their two kids.  She also included her two cats Queen Snow and Ginger. The cats traveled on the plane with the whole family and reportedly suffered no ill effects. All cats and all people enjoyed the ceremony safe and sound. 

Katy Perry

Music videos provide ways for celebrities to showcase their pets. Katy Perry named her cat Kitty Purry. The real, live Kitty Purry accompanied Katy in the video I Kissed a Girl. Later, Kitty Purry also provided Katy with fodder for social media when Katy decided to shave Kitty. The resulting haircut was not pretty, but the cat didn’t seem to mind. At one time, Kitty Purry was nominated for a teen choice award for “best celebrity feline”. Maybe this was for putting up with all of the bizarre haircuts, and for being an inspiration for the Katy Kat line of cosmetics. Then there is the “mascot” Kitty Purry that Katy has in all of her live shows. This is actually a big purple scary cat-like costume that vaguely looks like Barney the Dinosaur. Not a compliment to the real Kitty Purry at all.

Kate McKinnon

Behind Kate McKinnon’s hilarious “Whiskers R We” Saturday Night Live skits lies the heart of a devoted cat lover. Her male cat “Nino Positano” was named after the pizzeria where he was found in the alley. The restaurant wanted him gone because he kept eating the crusts of the pizzas.  Eventually, he weighed an incredible 17 pounds from eating so much. 

She calls her cat her “son”.  Whenever she goes on late night TV, she always brings a picture of Nino along with a funny story to share. One time, she talked about giving him an early Christmas present: a cardboard box. If you are a cat lover, you know that cats actually love cardboard boxes. They will play with them for hours. Another time, she brought a picture of Nino after he went on a diet. Kate’s friend had given her a hoodie that would hold a baby (or cat) in the pouch. Kate put Nino in the pouch, and he was so fat she couldn’t even hold him up.  So much for the diet.

The Seinfelds

Jessica Seinfeld, Jerry Seinfeld’s wife has two cats.  She has a penchant for dressing up her cats (and dogs) in outfits and posting those pictures on social media. The pictures are of cute stuff like big sequined glitter bow ties, rainbow wigs, a duck costume, hats, and tiny little cat sweaters when it’s cold. Also, some sources state that Seinfeld’s cats enjoy cannabis prescribed for anxiety by their vet. 

Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais is another celebrity that we would not expect to be a cat lover. He has a very beautiful Siamese named Ollie. When talking about his cat, Ricky brings up the main difference between having a cat and having a dog – cats are totally independent. Dogs get very upset when you have to leave them behind to travel, but a cat says “whatever.” Ricky’s cat also has a social media account.  Ollie’s account is more anger than fashion advice. Some cats like Ollie don’t appreciate the comments they get on Twitter and to show their teeth.

We hoped you enjoyed reading about some celebrities and their cats.  One thing is for certain, these celebrities seem to know, like the rest of us, that cats are the perfect pet.

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