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Cat In Other Languages: A Cat In Another Language Will Still Meow

When you think of the word “cat,” it is most likely the domestic feline friends that curl up in our laps and climb trees that come to mind, and rightly so. But the word “cat” has not always strictly referred to the lovable fuzz balls we know today. In fact, the true meaning of the word encompasses a much broader array of animals. Cat truly means “small mammal.” This can be seen in Scandinavian languages where katt has been used as a suffix to describe a variety of furry critters, such as weasels and monkeys. While these animals were given names such as røyskatt and apekatt, felines were crowned the honor of being referred to simply as “katt.” While the spelling varies, this is how many of us refer to felines today.

Of course, not all languages borrowed inspiration from the kingdoms of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. So what do people around the globe call our laser pointer chasing, mouse catching, purring companions? With the help of Google translate, here is a list of the word “cat” in other languages in alphabetical order.

Cat In Other Languages

 Language  Word For Cat Written
Afrikaans Kat
Albanian Mace
Amharic Dimeti ድመት
Arabic Qut قط
Armenian Katu կատու
Azerbaijani Pişik
Basque Katu
Belarusian Kot KOT
Bengali Biṛāla বিড়াল
Bosnian Mačka
Bulgarian Kotka KOTKA
Catalan Gat
Cebuano Iring
Chichewa Katchi
Chinese (Simplified) Māo
Chinese (Traditional) Māo
Corsican Cat
Croatian Mačka
Czech Kočka
Danish Kat
Dutch Kat
Esperanto Kato
Estonian Kass
Filipino Pusa
Finnish Kissa
French Chat
Frisian Kat
Galician Gato
Georgian K’at’a კატა
German Katze
Greek Gáta Γάτα
Gujarati Bilāḍī બિલાડી
Haitian Creole Chat
Hausa Kyanwa / Muzuru
Hawaiian Anu
Hebrew חתול
Hindi Billee बिल्ली
Hmong Miv
Hungarian Macska
Icelandic Köttur
Igbo Pusi
Indonesian Kucing
Irish Cat
Italian Gatta / Gatto
Japanese Neko ねこ
Javanese Kucing
Kannada Bekku ಬೆಕ್ಕು
Kazakh Mısıq мысық
Khmer Chhma ឆ្មា
Korean Goyang-I 고양이
Kyrgyz Mışık мышык
Latin Cattus
Latvian Kaķis
Lithuanian Katė
Luxembourgish Kaz
Macedonian Mačka мачка
Malagasy Saka
Malay Kucing
Malayalam Pūcca പൂച്ച
Maltese Qattus
Maori Ngeru
Marathi Mān̄jara मांजर
Mongolian Muur Myyp
Myanmar (Burmese) kwayar ngya ကွောငျ
Nepali Birālō बिरालो
Norwegian Katt
Pasto بلی
Persian گربه
Polish Kot
Portuguese Gato / Gata
Punjabi Bilī ਬਿੱਲੀ
Romanian Pisică
Russian Koshka кошка
Samoan Pusi
Scots Gaelic Cat
Serbian Cat цат
Sesotho Kat
Sindhi ٻلي
Sinhala Baḷalā බළලා
Slovak Mačka
Slovenian Mačka
Somali Bisad
Spanish Gato
Sudanese Ucing
Swahili Paka
Swedish Katt
Tajik Koş кош
Tamil Pūṉai பூனை
Telugu Pilli పిల్లి
Thai Mæw แมว
Turkish Kedi
Urdu کیٹ
Uzbek Mushuk
Ukrainian Kit кіт
Vietnamese Con mèo
Welsh Cath
Western Frisian Kat
Xhosa Ikati
Yiddish Kats קאַץ
Yoruba o nran
Zulu Ikati

Looking at such an expansive list of “cat” in other languages, one can’t help but think about the countless adoring relationships between cats and their humans all over the world. With the help of these translations, you can point out a cute cat no matter which country you’re in. Whether you call a cat “gato” or “katze,” we all love to appreciate our feline friends!

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