About Us

Welcome to Petozy!  The name is a play on pet toys.  While pet toys are fun, we are super-duper fun!  The enthusiasm for our work is infused into every product we make to empower your pet’s natural instincts.  That means your furry friend can fully express themselves by chasing, scratching, pouncing, fetching, chewing, and most importantly connecting with their wild side. 

Our mission is to help your pet live a happy, fun, and fulfilling life by providing them the means to express themselves authentically.  As our motto states, “It’s more fun to see them happy!”  That’s why we make Petozies!

Petozy is a brand dedicated to pet and pet owner happiness. Browse or search our articles to see if we can help you find answers to your cat related questions.  All of our articles are written by cat parents with a passion to create the most accurate and entertaining cat related content.

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