Cat Names: Finding the Perfect Moniker for your Fluffy Friend

By Mary H October 06, 2018

You just brought a new kitty home, and your family finally feels complete… but what will you name your cat?  Asking yourself some of the following questions can help you create or find the perfect name for your new fur baby. 

Here are some questions to consider when coming up with a name:

  • What characteristics make your cat unique?
  • Do you have a favorite character in a movie or book that your cat resembles?
  • Does your cat have a calm or excitable personality?
  • Is there a famous person or creature that you admire?
  • Does your cat remind you of a historical figure or event?
  • Do you have a hobby or pastime that can serve as an inspiration?
  • Even if the name fits, does it remind you of someone or something you just can’t stand?

While creativity and freedom in naming are fundamental, you don’t want to land your cat with a name you will grow to dislike. Also consider the ease of calling your cat, or whether your cat will be able to learn its name. Don’t give your pet an overly complicated moniker if you don’t think you can commit to using the whole thing every time you refer to them, since this might confuse your cat.

If you’re still having trouble thinking of the perfect name for your cat, the following may give you a few ideas. Feel free to use some of the names we’ve come up with, or use them as an inspiration to create your own!

Female Cat Names

Snuggles – Snuggle means to curl up comfortably or cozily. Does your cat like to sleep in a snuggled position, or is her favorite spot in the house on your lap? Then Snuggles is the perfect name for her! Dub her with this cozy name and you’ll have a snuggle buddy for the foreseeable future.

Cat - Snuggles

Marshmallow – Do you have a fluffy white cat who happens to have a sweet personality? If so, then the name Marshmallow would be a perfect fit!  This name describes a soft, chewy confection made with sugar and gelatin. A cat named Marshmallow would probably be a lazy, sweet, fluffy pet that would like nothing better than to spend time with you.

Cat Marshmallow

Cindy Clawford – Is your cat always seeking attention and wants to be in the limelight? Does she also like to keep her nails clean and sharp? If you answered yes to these questions, then change the “R” in Crawford to an “L” to create a cat name with dramatic flair. Watch Cindy Clawford strike a pose while sharpening her claws and know that you found the perfect name for your theatrical pal!

Cat - Cindy Clawford

Kitty Poppins – Your cat asserts her authority to let you know when she wants food and when she wants to play. Despite her assertive, bossy nature, she also shows you that she cares by greeting you every day you come home from work. A quick pet for Kitty Poppins sure helps the medicine go down!

Cat Kitty Poppins

Carie Catoinette – You believe your cat is like royalty and you find yourself bending to her every whim. If your kitty is the queen of your roost, then only the most royal of names will do! Carie Catoinette likes overlooking her kingdom in a majestic pose.

Cat - Carie Catoinette

Skittles – Does your cat’s eyes remind you of the rainbow? Although rare, some cats have two different colored eyes. The scientific name for this condition is heterochromia iridis, which exists more frequently in white cats. You won’t be able to taste this rainbow, but Skittles would still be the perfect name for your multi-colored ocular friend!

Cat - Skittles

Catniss EverPurr – Your cat is orange, or she crackles with fiery energy. She is a great hunter and even brought you back a mouse or two. If that sounds familiar, your cat is the feline version of Katness Everdeen from the Hunger Games. The Girl on Fire is always outdoors looking for squirrels and birds, and seems most alive when she’s playing the game of survival.

Cat - Catness

Lucky Charms – Your cat has a sleek, black fur coat. You believe in the folklore that black cats bring good luck. This is especially true in UK and Japan where black cats bring prosperity and marriage. Moreover, you want to dismiss the US superstition that black cats are unlucky. Lucky Charms enjoys playing in the snow.

Cat - Lucky Charms

Free Solo – Does your cat enjoy climbing up to high areas with grace and fearlessness?  Free solo is a term (usually used in climbing) that describes an adventurer who ventures alone without protective gear. These fearless roamers rely only on their ability and instincts. Free Solo likes to free solo trees and people watch at the top.

Cat - Free Solo

J.K Purring – Is your cat a British Shorthair and you want a British name to match? Are you also a fan of the Harry Potter series? In that case, we would suggest a name for your cat that fits one of your favorite authors – J.K Purring.  J.K Purring enjoys purring while fantasizing about the magical school of Catwarts.

Cat - JK Purring

Male Cat Names

Zeus – You have a Maine Coon, and you see a sign of divinity in your cat. Moreover, you are a fan of Greek mythology. Zeus is the king of the gods who rules over Mount Olympus.  Zeus the cat however, rules over the household.

Cat - Zeus

Sleepy – Do you remember the seven dwarves in Snow White? One of them is Sleepy. As you know, Sleepy is inclined to sleep, and it’s obvious that your cat is the same way. Sleepy the cat likes to wake up to the smell of coffee in the morning.

Cat - Sleepy

Stephen Purry – The Warriors is your favorite NBA team, and you are a fan of their point guard. Moreover, playing ball is what your cat loves to do every day. Stephen Purry is great at moving the ball and would make a fantastic team player… with you!

Cat - Stephen Purry

Mr. Butterscotch – Is your newest friend as sweet as he is buttery smooth? Then you’ve got a Mr. Butterscotch on your hands! He’s calm and reserved, understated and easily underestimated. If he’s a deep orange color as well, your choice is clear!

Cat - Butterscotch 

Casper – You’ve got a gentle white cat who can slip through the house virtually unnoticed. Does he remind you of someone? How about Casper the Friendly Ghost! Casper takes the silent tread of cats to the next level… until he wants a tummy rub!

 Cat - Casper

Tom – As common as it is to meet a male cat named Tom, the name hasn’t worn out it’s classic ring yet. Tom is a large, fluffy, grey cat that loves to lay in patches of sunshine by day and dash around the house like a fiend at night. He might be a bit of a senior citizen, but don’t let that fool you! Tom will be more than happy to play like a kitten, well into his twilight years.

Cat - Tom 

Purregrin Took – If your cat is a fool of a Took (and you’re in love with Lord of the Rings), then this name would be perfect for him! Purregrin Took, named after the hobbit, Pippin, loves eating, sleeping, and living a restful life… with the occasional adventure. With Purregrin at your side, you’ll never want for company!

Cat Purregrin

Tigger – Do you have a bouncing, leaping, wild ball of orange fur in your house? Then he’s probably a Tigger! Similar to the Winnie the Pooh character of the same name, your Tigger is full of nervous energy, racing around the house and showing off his flashy personality. No life is complete without a Tigger. You’ll love his spunk and flair!

Cat Tigger

Meowtzart – Your dignified sir is a musical connoisseur, showing his preference for the classics at an early age. He enjoys cultured sonatas by day and operatic solos by night, often adding his own yowling voice as harmony. No day goes by that you won’t enjoy Meowtzart in his natural element - music.

Cat - Meowzart

Mufasa – Your lionine kitty is a regal creature, but can often be clumsy. Mufasa needs to live in a house without brothers, since they have a tendency to knock him off counters, tables, and chairs. So long as you let Mufasa rule the roost, you’ll never want for a better friend.

Cat - Mufasa

This isn’t an exhaustive list of cat names, so feel free to create your own or use these names as inspiration! No name is too silly (or too boring) for your pet if it fits! Just remember to consider ease of saying the name, the ability to identify it, and how it relates to your particular cat before you decide on a name. Once you’ve dubbed your kitty, it’s tough to take it back!

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