Different Ways to Celebrate National Cat Day

By Carrie Lowrance February 18, 2019

Are you crazy about your cat? Cats are amazing creatures, independent yet fiercely loving. Sometimes they want to be off by themselves, but most of the time, they are there to offer a headbutt or a lick on the hand, their tails in the air the whole time. We love to spoil our cats all year round, but did you know they have their own day? That’s right. National Cat Day is October 29th, and it’s the perfect day to spoil your cat (and others) like the royalty that they are.

What Is National Cat Day?

National Cat Day was started in 2005 by Colleen Paige. Colleen is a pet and family lifestyle expert and also an animal welfare advocate. She wanted to bring public awareness to how many cats need to be rescued each year. She also wanted to encourage cat owners to celebrate the cats in their lives and all the love and companionship they provide.

Ways to Celebrate National Cat Day

Are you wondering how to celebrate this year? There are lots of ways you can observe National Cat Day. From spoiling your own feline to brightening the lives of others, this day can turn out perfect for everyone.

  • Volunteer at the animal shelter

Spend the day volunteering at your local animal shelter. There is always something to be done, like cleaning cat cages, cleaning litter boxes, and feeding and watering. Kittens may even need to be bottle fed. Playing and socializing with the cats is just as important. Other miscellaneous tasks need to be done as well to keep things flowing smoothly, like laundry and helping staff receive and organize donations.

If you can’t volunteer, make a donation! Shelters are always in need of donations. Some things you may already have around your own home can be donated.

Common needs are:

  • Canned cat food
  • Cat litter
  • Old blankets/towels
  • Specialty dry foods for special needs animals
  • Bleach
  • Laundry soap
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Paper towels

This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you look at your local shelter's website, you may be able to find a wishlist of things that they need. Can’t find one? Call and ask what they need most at this time! During the spring they often require lots of kitten food, but during the winter months, they may need extra blankets. Cash donations are much appreciated too.

  • Spoil your cat with a new toy

Take a look through your cat’s toy box and see if anything needs to be replaced. If so, replace it. If not, why not get your fur baby a new toy? Some favorite picks in my house include: 

  • Balls with bells
  • Catnip filled mice
  • Treat balls that dispense treats
  • Interactive toys

Does your cat like to scratch? Forget those awful cardboard scratchers that shred and leave bits of cardboard all over. Get your cat a Petozy Sisal Cat Scratching Toy instead.

  • Post pictures of your cat all over social media

Cats are on fire all over social media. From regular house cats to famous ones, people love pet pictures. So grab your phone and start shooting some adorable photos. Some ideas for photos are: 

  • Pictures of your cat sleeping
  • Selfies with your cat
  • Pictures of your cat dressed up (if they will allow it)
  • Pictures of your cat with your children
  • Photos of your cat staring out the window
  • Pictures of your cat doing funny things

A picture of my cat Colin, who only has one eye, was my top picture on my Facebook page last year. Don’t forget to add the hashtag #happynationalcatday.  If you want more inspiration for cat photos, take a look at the cat pictures from Petozy.

  • Make a cat-friendly cake

Most people don’t know it, but you can actually make a cake for your cat. There are different variations, but with some simple ingredients like tuna, canned cat food, cheese, and treats you can make a cake that your cat will devour. You can find recipes for a whisker lickin’ cat cake on Pinterest. However, if you’re not a baker, some extra treats or catnip will make your cat feel on top of the world.

  • Adopt a cat

This is probably the best way to spend National Cat Day. Regardless if you own one or a trio, there is always room for another cat. The best place to adopt a cat is from the shelter. Why? One, there are lots of ages and life stages, colors, and breeds to choose from. Two, you get a lot of value for your adoption fee. Three, you get to support a great cause and bring home a heart-melting member to your family. But if you are not ready to adopt yet, you can try fostering. Read Erin’s cat fostering experience, to learn more about cat fostering.

  • Ages and Life Stages

Shelters are full of cats of all ages from kittens to young adults to seniors. Any of them would make a lovely addition to your family.

Kittens - Everyone loves kittens. They are cute, cuddly, and do so many crazy things. However, this age will need the most supervision. Take some time and evaluate your situation, including your time restraints and schedule before adopting a kitten.  If you are seriously considering adopting a kitten, learn more about what it takes when caring for a kitten.

Young to Mid-adult Cats - Young adult cats are alert and have lots of energy. You will still have to set some boundaries with them, but overall they are pretty easy-going. Adult cats are fun to play with and love being with their humans.

Seniors - These cats get overlooked all the time. People think they don’t have much life left or love to give. I’m here to tell you that that is definitely not true. My cat Colin will be thirteen this year, and he zips around my apartment like a young adult cat. And he only has one eye! He is in great shape for his age, and I love him to pieces. Do keep in mind that some senior kitties prefer a quiet home and to be an only cat, but not all seniors are like this.

Special Needs Cats - Don’t overlook a special needs cat. More often than not, all they need is a special diet or some medication to live a normal life. The same goes if you find a cat who only has one eye or only has three legs or another kind of deformity. They learn to adapt and live their life like any other cat. FIV cats require more visits to the vet if they get sick due to their weakened immune systems. However, if they are spayed/neutered, are fed a healthy diet, and are kept indoors they can live a long healthy life.

For example, my former cat Carlton had chronic kidney disease. All he needed was a special diet and he was fine for awhile. As time went by, his health declined and I had to let him go. Still, he was worth adopting, even at the senior age of eight.

Colors and Breeds - You can find all kinds of colors and breeds of cats at the shelter. Colors like black, calico, dilute tortie to orange, white, and tuxedo. You can find short, medium, and long haired cats, as well as the occasional Maine Coon, Russian Blue, or other high-end breeds. If you want to learn more about cat breeds, read our article about common and rare cat breeds.

Adoption Perks - There are many perks to adopting from a shelter. The adoption fee at a shelter can run between $25-$40, which is well worth it. Why? It will save you money. When you adopt from a shelter, your cat has had the following:

  • Has been seen by a vet.
  • Has been treated for any health issues (respiratory issues, ear mites/infections, etc.)
  • Is spayed/neutered.
  • Is microchipped

It would cost several hundred dollars for the treatment of these issues on your own. However, you will still want to take your new precious feline for a checkup within seven days of adoption.

The third perk of adopting from a shelter is supporting a great cause. You get to help the refuge through your adoption fee, make room for one more kitty to be rescued, and bring home a heart-melting family member. You can’t beat that.

There are many fun and meaningful ways to spend National Cat Day. Take some time to snap some photos, make a donation, bake up some tasty treats, or plan the perfect adoption. Then spend the evening curled up with your own ball of fur. Whatever you decide to do for National Cat Day, make it purrfect.

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