List of Things Cat Owners are Guilty of Doing

By Amanda Jondle, DVM February 27, 2019

Anyone who owns a cat (or two, or three, or four), knows that their cat actually owns them. We’re all suckers for the cute, funny, and naughty antics of these little fur kings and queens.  Here is a list of things that cats do to keep us wrapped up around their cute little fluffy paws.  

  • You consider yourself honored when your cat sleeps on you

In fact, you’re so honored, you won’t allow yourself to move a muscle, not until they do, not even to get up and go to the bathroom!

  • Your phone camera consists mainly of pictures of your cat

You take hundreds of pictures of them sleeping in any cute or awkward position. Most of your pictures basically look the same because your cat sleeps in the same spot every day.  When you are scrolling through your pictures to find something, every time you see your cat you say “aww” and start showing everyone around you how cute they are.

  • Even though your cat has a very sophisticated or even normal name, you call them anything but that

No matter how long you’ve had your cat, they already have a whole list of nicknames. Some aren’t even close to their original name! Often times the nickname is silly, rhymes, or is said in a singing or baby voice.

  • You use your “cat voice” when you talk to your cat

Speaking of a singing or baby voice, you use a particular tone when talking to your cat. Just like talking to a baby, you scrunch up your face and talk in that high cute wittle kitty cat voice. You may even have conversations with your cat and talk to them as if they can understand you. You feel like they really get you if they happen to “meow” at some point in this conversation. When they meow at you, you talk back to them.  You are convinced that they really meant whatever they said. Some people may look at you like you’re crazy when they hear or see this, those that don’t, have cats.

  • Your soul is crushed when you accidentally step on their tail

It happens!  You’re making dinner, and oblivious to the fact that your kitty is begging right behind you. You turn around and accidentally step on their tail. They scream that horrible high-pitched yowl and run away from you. You then proceed to run after them yelling “I’m so sorry, come back! I didn’t mean to!”  Afterwards, you’re convinced your cat is holding that accident against you and giving you the stink eye for the rest of the day.

  • You’re offended if you cat chooses to sit with someone else

When you have friends or family members over and your cat goes and rubs on someone else. Heaven forbid your fur baby chooses to sit on their lap!  You then proceed to take it just a little personally. You’ve just been ignored and they rubbed it in your face.  It was probably on purpose because you “crushed” their tail earlier.

  • Your cat takes up most of the bed

You feel privileged that your cat has chosen to sleep with you at night. In fact, you give up the covers or the majority of the bed for them to have as much room as they want. If they’re in bed before you, you try to get in bed as delicately as possible.  That way you won’t wake them up or make them leave.

  • You force your cat to cuddle you

Your cat is so cute you just want to squish it! Not really, but you cuddle and squeeze and smooch on your cat any chance you get, even though they hate every minute of it.  They squirm and meow and try to run away from you. You’re not offended, you just hold on to them and snuggle them as long as you possibly can.

  • You’re obsessed with your cat’s paws

Anytime your cat is asleep (after you’ve taken fifty pictures of them), you just stare in awe of their tiny cute paws and toes. You may even tickle them or try to hold their paw.

  • You think your cat biting you is a sign of love

In fact, you call them “love bites.” You even tell people “aw she’s biting me because she loves me!”

  • Your house is full of boxes or paper sacs

You save every delivery box just because your cat loves them. Don’t mind all the cute, comfy, and expensive cat beds you’ve purchased.  Your cat prefers the box it came in! Some cats prefer paper sacks, so you may have those scattered around your place instead of, or in addition to, all the boxes.

  • Your cat claims their place on your work

Maybe you work from home; maybe you’re just reading, writing, doing homework, or on the computer. But your cat thinks that this is their time, and makes themselves right at home on your arms, hands, keyboard, book, or papers while you’re trying to work.

  • You move to a different chair because your cat is already there sleeping

It’s usually your favorite chair. You go to sit down, but discover that the chair is already occupied. Since it would be a sin to actually wake up or move your cat, you find somewhere else to get comfy, or even sit on the floor!

  • The food bowls are always full
You’re always at your cat’s beck and call, when they meow as if they’re starving. You’ve already came to the understanding that if they can see the bottom of the bowl anywhere, the bowl is empty, and they are simply famished.
  • When you’re gone and you miss your cat more than most people

You might be on vacation or a business trip, but you make an effort to Facetime or Skype your cat at least once while you’re gone.

  • You say “hello” and “goodbye” to your cat anytime you come or go

You come home and the first thing you do is greet your kitty. You give them all your wanted or unwanted attention, and tell them about your day. When you leave, you make a point to tell them “goodbye”. You let them know you’ll be home soon, and to be a good kitty.

Whether it is talking to them like a human, giving up your most comfortable spot, or going out of your way to buy them the best food, toys, and treats, you would do anything and everything for your cat.  Whether they appreciate it or not!

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