Unique Gifts for Cat Lovers: 7 Ideas + A Bonus

By Jessica De Rubeis March 07, 2019

Are you on the hunt for a gift for the cat lover in your life? Has that searching made you realize that your knowledge of cat related gifts is sorely lacking?  Not to worry, we can help!   While cats can be a bit difficult to understand at times, their human parents are anything but.  Whether they have a cuddly calico, a trouble-making tabby or a silly Siamese, here are seven great gifts for the feline enthusiast in your life.

1. Cat Furniture

Want to make kitty feel like King/Queen of the jungle?  Invest in a cat tree!  These well-crafted cat jungle gyms allow indoor cats to experience the thrill of tree-climbing from the safety of their home.  With a variety of nooks and crannies, cats can engage in endless bouts of hide-and-seek with their humans.  The scratching posts keep kitty’s claws occupied which is good news for the furniture.  Best of all, cats can perch atop their tree tower and gaze down at their humans as they plot feline world domination.

Looking for something a little less adventurous?  Try a cat hammock instead.  This adorable take on the original cat bed provides kitty with a bit of swing and elevation while the plush, washable fabric is easy to care for and keeps them comfortable.  With many different designs and constructions, there’s bound to be a hammock that’s perfect for the crazy cat lady (or gent) in your life.

2. Hilarious Cat Books

Is the cat lover in your life also a bibliophile?  If so, combine their two loves and be dubbed the world’s best gift-giver!  There are scores of books detailing the misadventures of our favorite felines that are sure to have even dog lovers laughing.  Not sure where to start? Check out the titles below. 

Told from kitty’s perspective, Sorry I Barfed on Your Bed (and Other Heartwarming Letters From Kitty) is a quirky look into the interactions between cats and their humans.  From apologetic notes to constructive criticisms, these letters from the feline overlords demonstrate the ways in which all cats are the same… and yet no two are quite alike.

How to Tell if Your Cat is Trying to Kill You is a compilation of cat-centered comic strips detailing feline behaviors from kitty’s point-of-view.  Including topics such as litterbox preferences and ways to tell if your cat is secretly a mountain lion, this unique novel is sure to make them smile.  Is your gift recipient on the younger side?  Try thePusheen Coloring Book

3. Cat Calendar

Whether you’re a cat person or a dog person, everyone needs to keep track of the date.  For the cat lover in your life, why not give them a calendar filled with pictures of adorable kittens?  Among the most famous felines are Grumpy Cat, the adorable munchkin cat who looks as though she is perpetually frowning, and Pusheen, the chubby cartoon cat with an appreciation for the finer things in life: pizza and ice cream.

Need something a bit less mainstream?  The options are endless.  From inspirational cat quotes to hilarious snapchats of frolicking felines, there is something for everyone with this gift that is both practical and precious.  Be sure to check with local sanctuaries and animal rescues for their calendars. Often, the funds raised from calendar sales go towards helping cats, dogs and all manner of critters find loving furever homes. With calendars like this you’ll have a great gift to give and good karma points to boot!

4. Cat Wine Glasses

Cats + Wine = Happiness.  Why not make this equation even more interesting with cat-themed wine glasses?  These whimsical wine glasses are sure to be a crowd-pleaser and come in a variety of styles.  Sip your sangria from a glass etched with sayings such as, “It’s not drinking alone if the cat is home” and “Keep your paws off my wine”.

Stemless wine glasses featuring “Cat Mom” slogans are perfect for that pinot they’ve been saving for a special occasion.  Also check out options that feature glass ears and etched whiskers!  With an array of glasses to suit every taste, your gift recipient will be drinking wine and feline fine. Hard liquor more their thing?  Gift them a shot glass with the phrase “Purr me a shot”.

5. Cat Phone Cases

Help your cat lover channel their inner feline with cat phone cases!  Protect their phone with the help of Pusheen or Grumpy Cat.  A menagerie of cat cases awaits online – from cute cartoon kitties to customizable photos of their favorite feline, there are possibilities galore.  For your fashion-forward feline lover, be sure to check out designer phone cases as well.  Kate Spade, for example, has a cat collection of accessories, including phone cases, that showcase a feline silhouette with a white heart nose and an adorable set of whiskers.

Looking for something a bit quirkier?  Try phone cases that feature physical cat ears and whiskers or even attachable cat toys!   These eye-catching accessories are sure to bring about questions from friends, family, and strangers.  It’s the perfect reason for people to strike up a conversation – and what cat lover doesn’t love an excuse to talk about their kitties?

Of course, if all else fails, there are a variety of sites that allow you to customize phone cases.  So, find a picture of their precious Persian, upload it for customization, and prepare to be amazed.  Make sure you have your own phone ready when they open this amazing gift.  Trust me, you’ll want to take pictures of their reaction.

6. Custom Cat Pillow

Help the cat lover in your life pay proper respect to their feline overlords with a customized pillow! A sure-fire conversation starter, these pillows proudly display some of kitty’s finest moments for all to see.  Simply upload a flattering portrait of their favorite furbaby and receive a custom, one-of-a-kind printed pillow cover.  The cover is easy to remove and even easier to wash, making it the convenient cat gift that keeps on giving.  Your gift recipient will be delighted with their new cat-centric pillow shrine, and their cat will be thrilled about the box it came in.  It’s like a two-for-one gift!

7. Custom Cat Socks

Does the cat-lover in your life wish they could take their cat everywhere they go?  Now they can!  Upload a picture of their tenacious tabby to sites like www.lovimals.com and let the magic commence.  Using the photo as reference, artists will create an illustrated version of the cat and render it on a pair of socks.  Each pair of socks may showcase up to two different pets and come in a wide array of colors.  This gift is perfect for those feline aficionados looking for a creative reason to strike up a conversation about their favorite furbabies.

8. Bonus Gift: Cat Toys 

When all else fails, grab a cat toy.  Cat lovers are more than happy to get cat toys and treats that they can share with their feline friends.  For the rambunctious Russian Blue, try a cat tunnel.  Kitty will love zooming through the turns and shooting out the other side.  For the busy pet parent, try an automated cat toy or a programmable laser to keep kitty occupied while their human subjects are away.  For the silly shorthair who loves to scratch, try the Petozy Sisal Cat Scratching Toy to keep those claws busy.

While shopping for the cat lover in your life, remember this – cat lovers may be a bit eccentric at times, but their love for their feline friends is constant.  For many of them, their cat is not just a pet... it’s their baby.

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