Most Popular Cat Names: Male and Female

By Bailee Noella March 27, 2019

Naming your feline friend can be tricky. With such a large pool of names to choose from, it’s hard to find the one that perfectly matches your furry family member. Sometimes the best place to start is by taking a look at what’s “in vogue” among other cat owners. Here’s a list of the most popular names to help you get started!

Popular Male Cat Names

Simba - Does your cat carry himself like a noble king? Does he run the house with pride and pilot thrilling expeditions? He may be the real-life version of Simba from Disney’s The Lion King. While Simba was a bit naive during his childhood, he eventually grew up to be a strong, protective, daring leader. Watch the inner lion in your cat spark every time you call his name!

Milo - Derived from the Latin word for “soldier,” your cat is a thick-skinned, no-nonsense kind of feline. He strides around the house with authority and integrity, and he isn’t afraid of anyone. You’ll never be afraid with this tough cat by your side.

Alfie - If a wise aura encompasses your cat, the name Alfie may be his calling. The name derives from the belief that elves held supernatural powers such as seeing into the future. Your cat may not have the psychic ability to determine what’s going to happen next, but he can certainly sense when the food bowl is empty!

Oreo - A delicious cookie comprised of a yummy cream filling sandwiched between two chocolate wafers. Oreos are one of America’s favorite snacks. This iconic cookie makes more than just a great snack, however. It also serves as a suiting name for a cat that dons a black and white pelt who happens to be as sweet as dessert!

Binx - For many of us, Hocus Pocus is a Halloween staple. The brave, loving black cat in the film was known as Thackery Binx, and nothing was more important to him than staying dedicated to his family. While your cat may not be able to talk or transform into a human, he shares Binx’s admirable traits by showing appreciation for you any chance he gets.

Jasper - The name Jasper is thought to mean “the bringer of treasure.” Jasper the cat is a skilled hunter of hair ties, mice, and crumpled leaves. He loves leaving these prizes on your doorstep. While these gifts may not be treasure in your eyes, to him they are the finest things he has to offer, and he brings them in hopes of conveying his love for you. Show your appreciation by acknowledging his gifts with this name!

Felix - All cats can bring a smile to your face, but if the room really lights up when your feline friend walks through the door, this name may be the right fit. Latin for “happy,” a cat named Felix is the harbinger of laughter and joy. You couldn’t ask for a more perfect family pet.

Biscuit - These fluffy baked goods have a firm outer crust and a soft interior. A cat that takes a while to open up but eventually shows his true tenderheartedness shows these same traits. Biscuit the cat may take a while to warm up to interaction, but once he does he will treat you like you’re his favorite person in the whole world.

Bear - Real bears may be known for being tough, gritty predators, but in plush form they are every child’s favorite cuddle buddy. Bear the cat doesn’t mind being held or coddled. He is impressively fluffy and loves snuggling up against your neck to protect you while you sleep (and catch a few z’s himself!).

Tiger - If your cat is a striking shade of orange with a valiant disposition, he may be confusing himself with one of his larger, more ferocious cousins. He may not be king of the forest, but he takes his title as king of the catnip very seriously. While you risk further inflating his ego, naming him Tiger lets everyone know that you’ve got more than an ordinary house cat on your hands!

Rambo - Is your cat tough and gutsy? If he seems capable of escaping any situation and other cats don’t dare pick a fight with him, he takes after John Rambo. You can rest assured your Rambo can fend for himself, no matter what kind of trouble he gets into.

Charlie - Cats are truly free spirits. They sleep when and where they want, they decide when they desire human affection, and they don’t let rules get in the way of exploring. The name “Charlie” is a very popular name that means “free man.” This name encapsulates the permissive behavior of a cat that refuses to be told what to do.

Loki - A mischievous cat will carry the legacy of this name with ease. If you’re a fan of Marvel, you know exactly the type of cat Loki would be: a trickster with a knack for silly pranks and getting into trouble. Luckily you won’t have to worry about your Loki taking over Asgard!

Sherlock - They say curiosity killed the cat, but not this one! If your kitty always seems to be getting into mysteries and stalking around after things that you don’t see, he very well may be a fan of Sherlock Holmes, the fictional British private detective. Your cat would be honored to be named after such an intelligent investigator.

Smokey - Smokey is a larger-than-life kind of kitty who can’t be contained. He comes and goes when he pleases, but always settles back in the comfort of your lap at the end of the day. He also sports a magnificent grey-black coat that would camouflage him perfectly in a whirlwind of smoke.

Popular Female Cat Names

Nala - Don’t expect this girl to be bossed around! Nala, Simba’s childhood friend and later wife in The Lion King series, never failed to stand up for herself--even against royalty! If your cat is quick to put anyone who dares cross her boundaries in their place, she has the same energy as this brave lioness.

Luna - There are few things as awe-inspiring as the sight of the full moon. Luna, which means “moon,” is a wonderful name if you’re looking to capture the striking beauty of your all-white cat. With Luna in your life, you’ll truly grow to appreciate the beauty of the night sky.

Abby - Your cat is the apple of your eye and a major source of joy in your life. This is true for many owners, so it’s no wonder Abby, which means to “give joy,” is such a popular name. No matter what kind of shenanigans Abby gets into, you always feel blessed to have her as your companion.

Bella - Cat lovers everywhere would agree that felines are one of the most charming creatures in the world. But if you find people comment frequently on the beauty of your cat, she deserves a name that pays tribute to her looks. Bella, meaning “beautiful,” is first on the list of names for cats that are the pinnacle of cuteness!

Daisy - Common daisies are beautiful, illustrious flowers that symbolize love and fresh beginnings. Bringing your cute new family member into your home is the start of something new. Celebrate all of your future experiences together by appropriately gifting her the name Daisy.

Cleo - Cleopatra (shortened to Cleo) is a name reminiscent of the last ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt who believed herself to be a goddess. She presented herself in a divine manner to intimidate her enemies and lived in luxury. If your cat expects nothing but the best and surveys the house with a watchful eye, you may have a Cleo on your hands.

Willow - Willow trees are known for being graceful and supple. If your cat moves with the same quiet, refined energy as the hanging leaves of a willow tree, this name can capture that elegance. Willow may not make much noise or announce her arrivals, but her natural beauty doesn’t go unappreciated.

Angel - Whether they’re confiscating food from the trashcan or uprooting the unfortunate houseplants, some cats are simply known for getting into trouble. But that’s not your beloved, well-behaved feline. If your cat is always perched lovingly on your shoulder and maintains order in the house, she may be sent from heaven! The name Angel is perfect for any cat who promotes exemplary conduct regardless of the circumstances.

Coco - Inspired by the word “cocoa,” this name may elicit images of various chocolate goodies. Call attention to your cat’s lovely brown fur coat and pleasant personality by naming her after one of the world’s favorite creations. Coco enjoys nothing more than meeting new people and enticing them to play.

Hazel - Does your cat possess noteworthy eyes made up of a combination of different colors? Is it hard to distinguish if they’re green, gold, or brown? Hazel eyes are a gorgeous phenomenon. The colors may appear to change in different lighting, and sometimes the eyes may look like a collage of numerous hues. Commemorate her unforgettable eyes by naming her Hazel.

Mittens - Does your cat always look like she has mittens on? If the fur on her paws are a different color than the rest of her body, it may look like she’s sporting some cozy gloves! If that’s the case, celebrate her fashion statement with a name that calls those cute toes to the center of attention.

Missy - Is your cat a bouncy character who never seems to slow down? Does she run sporadically around the house only stopping to grab a bite to eat? If so, she’s a cat with the spirit of a buzzing bee. The name Missy stems from an Ancient Greek word which means “honey bee,” making this name a cute option for any zealous feline.

Ginger - Ginger is more than just an uncommon hair color. It’s also an amazingly healthy and yummy spice! Ginger the cat has a flowing red coat and sticks by your side when you fall sick. She is calm and gentle, but she also enjoys it when you indulge her in playtime.

Dora - Is your kitty always going on escapades and searching her surroundings? She may be taking after the young pioneer Dora the Explorer! She is a quick learner and never satisfied. She bounces around from toy to toy to get a taste of everything life has to offer. Dora loves learning about the world, especially with you!

Zelda - Zelda, the Princess of Hyrule in the famous video game franchise Legend of Zelda, is more than just a pretty face. She carries herself with poise and dignity. Zelda is the go-to name for a cat with striking blue eyes and a benevolent nature. Be sure to give her a treat for keeping such a watchful eye over her kingdom.

It can be difficult to find the perfect name to capture your pet’s personality or appearance. Browsing popular cat names is a great way to get the wheels turning. And remember: There are countless other kitty names out there, and you’re always free to make up your own! Still struggling to find the perfect name for your cat? We have an article to help you come up with the perfect name for your new family member here.

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